The Lancashire & Cheshire Fauna Society publish the annual Bird Report for the counties of Lancashire and Merseyside north of the River Mersey. Records are sent into the recorder (currently Steve White) and they disseminate them to section editors whose role it is to summarise these sightings into a readable and informative systematic list.

All of this is done by volunteers, the only costs generally being printing and distribution of the reports. Past copies of these reports are available as pdfs for non-commercial use.

In 2008, we published the latest county avifauna “Birds of Lancashire and North Merseyside”.

The following species require a description as they are rare in the county. National rarities can be submitted via the recorder to the BBRC.

Taiga Bean GooseWhite-rumped SandpiperPallas's Warbler
Black BrantBuff-breasted SandpiperRadde's Warbler
American WigeonPectoral SandpiperDusky Warbler
Ring-necked DuckRed-necked PhalaropeSiberian Chiffchaff
Lesser ScaupLong-tailed SkuaBarred Warbler
Surf ScoterLittle AukDartford Warbler
Black GrouseWhite-winged Black TernSubalpine Warbler*
White-billed DiverRoseate TernIcterine Warbler
Cory's ShearwaterSabine's GullMelodious Warbler
Great ShearwaterRing-billed GullBlyth's Reed Warbler
Sooty ShearwaterCaspian GullMarsh Warbler
Balearic ShearwaterTurtle DoveRed-flanked Bluetail
Wilson's PetrelNightjarRose-coloured Starling
Night HeronAlpine SwiftNightingale
Purple HeronHoopoeBluethroat
Glossy IbisBee-eaterRed-breasted Flycatcher
Red-necked GrebeWryneckCitrine Wagtail
Honey BuzzardLesser Spotted WoodpeckerRichard's Pipit
Black KiteRed-footed FalconOlive-backed Pipit
White-tailed EagleGolden OrioleCommon Rosefinch
Montagu's HarrierRed-backed ShrikeCommon (Mealy) Redpoll
Rough-legged BuzzardWoodchat ShrikeArctic Redpoll*
Golden EagleChoughSerin
Spotted CrakeWoodlarkLapland Bunting
CorncrakeShore LarkCirl Bunting
Common CraneShort-toed LarkOrtolan Bunting
Stone CurlewRed-rumped SwallowLittle Bunting
Black-winged StiltPenduline TitGrey-headed Wagtail
American Golden PloverMarsh and Willow Tit (out of normal range)
Kentish PloverGreenish Warbler
Temminck's Stint