We have a lot of new contributors to the writing team this year and with virtually all expected submissions received, it’s time to start writing the systematic list sections. A list of the authors can be found below.

Section2019 author
IntroductionDave Bickerton
Review of 2018John Wright
GeeseStephen Dunstan
SwansTim Vaughan
DucksNic Godden
GamebirdsSteve Martin
Seabirds & grebesBob Harris
Glossy Ibis to heronsIan Walker
Gannet & CormorantsBob Harris
RaptorsDavid Broome
RailsIan Ball
Oystercatcher to ploversSteve White
Whimbrel to GreenshankSteve White
GullsMark Breaks
TernsSteve White
SkuasPete Marsh
AuksPaul Brennan
Pigeons to WoodpeckersStuart Darbyshire
FalconsIan Walker
Ring-necked ParakeetStuart Darbyshire
Shrikes and corvidsDave Bickerton
Waxwing & titsDave Bickerton
Larks to hirundinesBernard Bracken
WarblersStephen Dunstan
Crests to starlingsDave Bickerton
Thrushes, chats & DipperSteve Flynn
Sparrows & DunnockStephen Dunstan
Wagtails & pipitsPete Marsh
Finches & buntingsDave Bickerton
EscapesSteve White
Ringing ReportPete Marsh