The primary purpose of the society is to publish data on the distribution and populations of our fauna. The following list shows the list of publications printed by the Society since its inception in 1914.

Regular publications are delivered free to members of the society but are available for purchase from the Honorary Secretary ( or our regular outlets such as NHBS and in focus at Brockholes LWT.

There are some pdf-only publications in additions to these, mostly in the form of newsletters.

Publ. No.DateTitleISBNLink
135Aug 2023Lancashire Bird Report 2022978-1-9169034-5-6LBR 2021
134Mar 2023Insects of the Sefton Coast978-1-9169034-4-9LBR 2021
133Sep 2022Lancashire Bird Report 2021978-1-9169034-3-2LBR 2021
132Dec 2021Micro-moth Field Tips Volume 2978-1-9169034-2-5Micro-moth Field Tips, Volume 2
131Sep 2021Lancashire Bird Report 2020978-1-9169034-1-8LBR 2019
130Feb 2021Bees, Wasps and Ants of Lancashire978-1-9997312-9-8Aculeates

Aculeate Hymenoptera Andrena tarsata Addendum
129Aug 2020Lancashire Bird Report 2019

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978-1-9997312-8-1LBR 2019
124aMay 2020Pug Moths UpdateView Pugs Update
128Oct 2019Lancashire Bird Report 2018

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978-1-9997312-7-4LBR 2018
127Mar 2019Butterflies and Day-flying Moths of Lancashire and North Merseyside978-1-9997312-6-7Butterflies
126Oct 2018Lancashire Bird Report 2017

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978-1-9997312-5-0LBR 2017
125Jun 2018Micro Moth Field Tips (2nd Edition)978-1-9997312-4-3Micro Moth Field Tips
124Mar 2018Pugs of NW England978-1-9997312-3-6Pugs
123Oct 2017Lancashire Bird Report 2016978-1-9997312-2-9LBR 2016
122Oct 2017Vertebrates of Lancashire978-1-9997312-1-2Vertebrates
121Jun 2017Micro-moth Field Tips978-1-9997312-0-5
120Oct 2016Lancashire Bird Report 2015LBR 2015
View 2015 Report
119Oct 2015Lancashire Bird Report 2014LBR 2014
View 2014 Report
118Mar 2015Dragonflies of Lancashire and North MerseysideDragonfly Atlas cover
117Oct 2014Lancashire Bird Report 2013LBR 2013
View 2013 Bird Report
116Oct 2013Lancashire Bird Report 2012LBR 2012
View 2012 Bird Report
115Sep 2012Lancashire Bird Report 2011 View 2011 Bird Report
114Oct 2011Lancashire Bird Report 2010 View 2010 Bird Report
113Sep 2010Lancashire Bird Report 2009 View 2009 Bird Report
112Oct 2009Lancashire Bird Report 2008 View 2008 Bird Report
111Oct 2008Lancashire Bird Report 2007 View 2007 Bird Report
110Feb 2008The Birds of Lancashire and North Merseyside978-1-8758391-1-0 View Avifauna Errata
109Oct 2007Lancashire Bird Report 2006 View 2006 Bird Report
108Oct 2006Lancashire Bird Report 2005 View 2005 Bird Report
107Oct 2005Lancashire Bird Report 2004 View 2004 Bird Report
106Oct 2004Lancashire Bird Report 2003 View 2003 Bird Report
105Mar 2004General Report 2004 View General Report 2004
104Oct 2003Lancashire Bird Report 2002
103Oct 2002Lancashire Bird Report 2001
102Nov 2001Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Lancashire and North Merseyside 1997 – 2000978-1-8728390-8-8 View Atlas Addendum
101Oct 2001Lancashire Bird Report 2000
100Oct 2000Lancashire Bird Report 1999
99Oct 1999Lancashire Bird Report 1998
981998Lancashire Bird Report for 1997
971997Lancashire Bird Report for 1996
961996Lancashire Bird Report for 1995
951996General Report for 1996
941995Lancashire Bird Report for 1994
931994Lancashire Bird Report for 1993
921993Lancashire Bird Report for 1992
911992Lancashire Bird Report for 1991
901991Lancashire Bird Report for 1990
891990Lancashire Bird Report for 1989
881989Lancashire Bird Report for 1988
871988Lancashire Bird Report for 1987
861987Lancashire Bird Report for 1986
851986Lancashire Bird Report for 1985
841985Lancashire Bird Report for 1984
831985Lancashire Bird Report for 1983
821983Lancashire Bird Report for 1982
811982Lancashire Bird Report for 1981
801987Report for 1987
791981Lancashire Bird Report for 1980
781981Annual Report for 1980
771980Lancashire Bird Report for 1979
761979Lancashire Bird Report for 1978
751979Annual Report for 1978
741978Lancashire Bird Report for 1977
731978Annual Report for 1977
721977Lancashire Bird Report for 1976
711977Annual Report for 1976
701976Lancashire Bird Report for 1975
691976Annual Report for 1975
681975Lancashire Bird Report for 1974
671975Annual Report for 1974
661974Lancashire Bird Report for 1973
651974Annual Report for 1973
641973Lancashire Bird Report for 1972
631973Annual Report for 1972
621972Lancashire Bird Report for 1971
611972Annual Report for 1971
601971Lancashire Bird Report for 1970
591971Annual Report for 1970
581970Lancashire Bird Report for 1969
57197040th Report for 1969
561969Lancashire Bird Report for 1968
55196939th Report for 1968
541968Lancashire Bird Report for 1967
53196838th Report for 1967
52196737th Report for 1966
51196636th Report for 1965
501965Report on Parasites of Fish
491965Cheshire Bird Report for 1964 (Re-print)
481965Lancashire Bird Report for 1964 (Re-print)
47196535th Report
461964Diptera of Lancashire & Cheshire (Part 1) Supplement
45196434th Report (50th Anniversary)
441963Marine and Freshwater Fishes – Supplement reprinted from 33rd Report
43196333rd Report
421962Report on the Birds of Lancashire 1961
411962Marine and Freshwater Fishes
40196232nd Report
391962Report on the Birds of Lancashire 1960
381960Report on the Birds of Lancashire 1959
371960Report on the Birds of Lancashire 1958
361959Checklist of the Fauna of Lancashire & Cheshire -Mammalia, Reptilia, Amphibians – Reprint from 31st Report
35195931st Annual Report
341959Ornithological Report for Lancashire 1950 – 1956 (Part 1)
331959Diptera of Lancashire & Cheshire (Part 1)
32195430th Annual Report
31195029th Annual Report for 1949
30194928th Annual Report for 1947 – 1948
29194727th Annual Report for 1943 – 1946
28194526th Annual Report for 1939 – 1942 (Part 2)
27194426th Annual Report for 1939 – 1942 (Part 1)
26193925th Annual Report for 1938
25193924th Annual Report for 1937
24193723rd Annual Report for 1936
23193622nd Annual Report for 1935
22193521st Annual Report for 1934
21193420th Annual Report for 1933
20193319th Annual Report for 1932
19193218th Annual Report for 1931
18193117th Annual Report for 1930
171930Checklist of the Fauna of Lancashire & Cheshire (Part 1)
16193016th Annual Report for 1929
15192915th Annual Report for 1928
14192814th Annual Report for 1927
13192713th Annual Report for 1926
12192612th Annual Report for 1925
11192511th Annual Report for 1924
10192410th Annual Report for 1923
919239th Annual Report for 1922
819228th Annual Report for 1921
719217th Annual Report for 1920
619206th Annual Report for 1919
519195th Annual Report for 1918
419184th Annual Report for 1917
319173rd Annual Report for 1916
219162nd Annual Report for 1915
119151st Annual Report for 1914