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Recording and Publishing Data on our Wildlife



Living Record

LivingRecord.net is a national data collection function with the aim of building teams of recorders, informing and motivating them.

  • It makes logging records of all faunal groups quick, easy and precise using Google Maps to indicate location.
  • It makes recording less daunting for new recorders.
  • It provides each recorder with his own personal records system to encourage review, correction and analysis.
  • It provides a set of Google Maps distribution maps that display the recorder’s own records or all records entered, to inform and motivate the recorders.
  • Vice-county Recorders (VCRs) can review and verify all records entered for their VCs within days of the sightings, setting each record to accept/query/reject as necessary.  This spreads the workload evenly through the season and ensures that the VCR is up to date with the latest information.
  • Recorders do their own data entry, relieving the VCR of this task.