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Oystercatcher Haemotpus ostralegus
Abundant winter visitor and a common breeding bird.

Black-winged Stilt Himantopus himantopus
Vagrant. Three pre-1985 records. The only one since being at Leighton Moss in 1993.

Avocet Recurvirostra avosetta
Scarce passage migrant and newly established breeding bird at Leighton Moss, Marshside and Martin Mere. Vagrant in winter


Stone-curlew Burhinus oedicnemus
Vagrant. Six pre-1985 records. Three since: In 1990 one was at Fleetwood and one at Liverpool. A single on Withnell Moor in 2004.

Collared Pratincole Glareola prantincola
Four records up to 1985. Only one since in 1997 at Piling.

Black-winged Pratincole Glareola nordmanni
Vagrant. Singles at Leighton Moss in 1996 and MMWWT in 1997.

Little Ringed Plover Charadrius dubius
Fairly common on passage. Scarce breeder.

Ringed Plover Charadrius hiaticula
Common passage migrant and winter visitor. Scarce breeding bird.

Kentish Plover Charadrius alexandrinus
Vagrant. Nine pre 1985. Marshside 1989, MMWWT 1992 and a regular winterer at Rossall Point between 1992 and 1997.

Dotterel Charadrius morinellus
Uncommon spring migrant seen most frequently on Pendle Hill and Plex Moss. Scarce in autumn.

Pacific Golden Plover Pluvialis fulva
Vagrant. Pilling in 1990 and Seaforth in 1995.

American Golden Plover Pluvialis dominica
Vagrant. Four records: 1988 Fleetwood, 1995 Fishmoor Reservoir, Blackburn, 1988 and 2003 at Marshside.

Golden Plover Pluvialis apricaria
Abundant on passage and in winter near the coasts. Decreasing winter flocks inland. Scarce breeding bird on the eastern hills.

Grey Plover Pluvialis squatarola
Abundant passage and winter visitor to coast. Uncommon inland.

Sociable Plover Vanellus gregarius
Vagrant. One pre-1985 record.

Lapwing Vanellus vanellus
Abundant but decreasing winter visitor and passage bird.

Knot Calidris canutus
Abundant winter visitor and passage migrant to coasts. Uncommon inland.

Great Knot Calidris tenuirostris
Vagrant. Single on the Wyre in 2004.

Sanderling Calidris alba
Abundant passage migrant and common winter visitor.

Little Stint Calidris minuta
Fairly common passage migrant. Scarce winter visitor.

Temminck's Stint Calidris temminckii
Scarce spring and rare autumn passage migrant. In excess of 70 records and virtually annual.

Semipalmated Sandpiper Calidris pusilla
Vagrant. One at Brockholes Quarry in 2004

White-rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis
Vagrant. Eight records up to 1985 and then five in recent years.

Baird's Sandpiper Calidris bairdii
Vagrant. Five pre-1985 records but only one in 1991 at Marshside since.

Curlew Sandpiper Calidris ferruginea
Fairly common passage migrant.

Purple Sandpiper Calidris maritima
Uncommon winter visitor and passage migrant.

Dunlin Calidris alpina
Abundant passage migrant and winter visitor. Scarce breeding bird on the eastern fells.

Pectoral Sandpiper Calidris melanotos
Rare passage migrant. This species can be expected annually nowadays.

Broad-billed Sandpiper Limicola falcinellus
Vagrant. Five pre-1985 records. One at Thornton ICI pools 1986 - 7, one Marshside 1988.

Stilt Sandpiper Micropalama himantopus
Vagrant. One pre 1985 record.

Buff-breasted Sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis
Vagrant. Nine pre-1985 records. Pilling 1992,3 & 4. Seaforth 1996.

Ruff Philomachus pugnax
Fairly common passage migrant and winter visitor especially at MMWWT. Occasional breeder


Jack Snipe Lymnocryptes minimus
Fairly common, though overlooked, passage and winter visitor.

Snipe Gallinago gallinago
Common but declining wintering and breeding bird.

Great Snipe Gallinago media
Vagrant. Several in the 19th century and five in the 20th. None since.

Long-billed Dowitcher Limnodromus scolopaceus
Vagrant. Three pre-1985 records. Five since.

Woodcock Scolopax rusticola
Common winter visitor and fairly common breeder.

Black-tailed Godwit Limosa limosa
Abundant passage migrant and winter visitor. Rare breeder.

Bar-tailed Godwit Limosa lapponica
Abundant passage migrant and winter visitor.

Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus
Common passage migrant, especially in spring. Roost sites around the Ribble can contain around 400 birds in early May.

Curlew Numenius arquata
Abundant winter and breeding bird.

Spotted Redshank Tringa erythropus
Uncommon passage and winter visitor.

Redshank Tringa totanus
Abundant passage and winter visitor. Fairly common breeding bird.

Marsh Sandpiper Tringa stagnatilis
Vagrant. 1968 and 1974. Seaforth: three in 1999 (also at Marshside) and one in 2000.

Greenshank Tringa nebularia
Fairly common on passage, especially in the autumn. Scarce in winter.

Lesser Yellowlegs Tringa flavipes
Vagrant. Two pre-1985 and seven since including some long-staying birds.

Green Sandpiper Tringa ochropus
Fairly common on passage especially in the autumn. Scarce winter visitor.

Wood Sandpiper Tringa glareola
Uncommon passage migrant.

Terek Sandpiper Xenus cinereus
Vagrant. One at Seaforth in 2000

Common Sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos
Common passage migrant, uncommon breeding bird. Scarce in winter.

Spotted Sandpiper Actitis macularia
Vagrant. Three records with the last at Lower Rivington Reservoir in 1986 - 7.

Turnstone Arenaria interpres
Common passage migrant and winter visitor.

Wilson's Phalarope Phalaropus tricolor
Vagrant. Four pre-1985 records. Then singles at Leighton Moss 1988, Banks 1990, MMWWT 1991. One at Seaforth in May 2008.
Wilson's Phalarope

Red-necked Phalarope Phalaropus lobatus
Rare passage migrant. Around 25 records.

Grey Phalarope Phalaropus fulicarius
Very rare autumn migrant and winter visitor. Rare inland.


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